2021 Indianapolis 500 TV Channels Broadcasting Rights

The Indy 500 TV rights may be of interest to a lot of fans. People want to know when and where they can watch the action as it happens live. The Indy 500 TV rights are being discussed by professionals. TV coverage includes commentary and live footage of the race as it unfolds. Some of the best known race car drivers in the world will do their best. They will compete for a top prize and greater recognition in the sport. That makes Indy 500 TV rights more important than many might think. There are fans eagerly waiting for the next race to take place.

Indy 500 TV rights

NBC currently owns the Indy 500 TV rights on the market. The station is waiting to cover the race live as it unfolds. In fact, NBC actually has all the rights to the circuit throughout the year. They regularly showcase the race as it unfolds live on their station. ABC has bought the rights to also air the coveted Indy 500 race.

That gives the station some limited Indy 500 TV rights. Fans can tune in to either station to see the race happen live too. That gives them some options instead of attention the race in person. TV viewership has been on the rise for the legendary race.

The broadcast team will be discussing the race before and after it happens. Tune in to watch the commentators discuss the upcoming race that many fans enjoy. ABC signed on to a six year deal with the race circuit through 2018. That gives the network some time to also broadcast the race as it unfolds live. True fans want to get a glimpse of their favorite car driver whenever possible. Indy 500 TV rights are prized because the race is a fan favorite. Millions of people are expected to tune in to watch the race as it unfolds.

Indy 500 radio coverage is expected to be much more varied. ESPN and NBC Sports are expected to provide simultaneous radio coverage. That is free for fans who want to listen to the live coverage as it unfolds. Indy 500 radio coverage has a historic tradition on the racing circuit. Many local stations will help provide coverage for fans in rural areas. People all across the country can tune in to the race as it unfolds. Indy 500 radio coverage will continue a tradition that people appreciate too. Hear who wins the race and what cars performed the best along the way.

Check The Indy 500 International Broadcaster list

In 2021, it will be 105th event of the race as it unfolds. Indy 500 TV rights are coveted because of the history and fandom that takes place. ABC had broadcast the race for 54 years prior to 2018. But it looks like NBC is going to take the mantle going forward. NBC Sports has a few different channels dedicated to covering the race itself. Look for the broadcast schedule and wait for the race to get underway. That is an exciting moment in sports race history for those following along. Indy 500 TV rights will be important for true fans of the sport.

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