The Full-Field Indy 500 Test Session at the IMS

During the Full Field Indy 500 test session at IMS, the Team Penske driver manages to lead the Indy 500 winners pairs to the top holders of the speed charts.

The Full-Field Indy 500 Test Session at the IMS

It can be an excellent opportunity for some famous names to attain the chances in the Indycar Series as well.

If you have been asking questions about who was the quickest on the day of the test, there’s an answer for you.

Team Penske’sPenske’s Josef Newgarden came out as the quickest in Friday’sFriday’s test session. The top speed of Newgarden was 226.819 mph. Then two other drivers topped the 226. They are the defending champion Takuma Sato and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Montoya’sMontoya’s last Indy 500 was back in 2017. His past wins were in 2015 and 2000.

There Have been evolutions in the world of automotive. Montoya also stated that getting back to Speedway was pretty much welcoming. It was Montoya’sMontoya’s first time to participate in the prestigious IndyCar. That warming experience took place at the whole test session at IMS. It is something new for the conventional racer because the car is fortified with an aero-screen safety device.

Montoya didn’t seem to have any significant problem when using the aeroscreen safety device. He thought that operating such a device would be more challenging. But he’d gotten used to it without any hassle or fuss. Montoya didn’t have any complaints when he did what he did. It was all good and fine.

Responding to that brand new safety device, he believed that it was a great decision. Montoya thought of it from the safety point of view. The only takeaway is to take time and effort to get used to the new system.

Meanwhile, Newgarden has been on the mission to check on his included points in his racing bucket list. The winning 500 is not yet in his records. He has been on the hunt for the Indy 500 crown for the last two years. A year ago, he finished the fifth. Meanwhile, in 2019, he finished the fourth.

He is a strong contender who has a huge chance to win the Indy 500 with his ability and capabilities on paper.

Newgarden nodded that the test session was a pretty good day. He didn’t complain about the car. And he was happy with the car he tested. There are some rooms for improvement, of course. There are also some differences that they will need to learn to be still relevant to racing. Newgarden is pretty happy with the car right now.

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