What You Need to Know About Indy 500 2018 Pace Car

One of the hottest amongst the fans of the prestigious racing event in the world is about the pace car. When it comes to Indy 500 2018, we can agree that pace car can be one of the most amazing facts to discuss.

Indy 500 2018 Pace Car

This time, it is the turn for the 755 horsepower Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 that was revealed as the pace car for the upcoming Indy 500. As you know, this year’s Indy 500 2018 is the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500.

Many indulge the fastest and most fantastic Chevrolet Corvette that ever produced. We can agree that the Corvette ZR1 will lead the field to green this year.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway organizer revealed the pace car back then on Thursday. The president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Doug Boles, announced that prestigious car to the world accompanied by Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and Jeff Chew, the marketing manager for the Chevy Racing.

When the car was unveiled back then, Boles admittedly told that it was the first time for him to see the car directly. Just like many other people out there who witness the pace car, it is an amazing pace car. Many people haven’t seen all the renderings how the color works wonderfully. Definitely, the Corvette ZR1 is the supercar that you need to fire up in the race.

This car offers something very amazing. First of all, it features a track performance package and a tall rear spoiler. As mentioned, it comes with 755 horsepower, which is pretty tough compared to other racers. This buddy can go from zero to sixty in just 2.85 seconds! Not to mention that it has top speed at around 212 mph. The pace car will be arriving at the IMS museum after the festivity ends. Meanwhile, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 will attain the replica of the car.

The choice of pace car has a quite long history. Chew stated that the selection started over a year ago. Boles caught the committee’s eyes when Chew and he met at NASCAR awards ceremony in Las Vegas back in December.

Chew stated that big event like Indy 500 2018 is the good opportunity for the giant company to promote their new cars or the new features it the vehicles have. To make it happen, there will be the long preparation done by the manufacturers and the company.

The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will pace the Indy 500 2018. With such 755 horsepower, it is going to be a tough stuff to compete with.

As many people agree, it is actually a long-term planning process. As expected by many people, they will witness the introduction of the new and exciting products. Chevrolet, in this opportunity, wants to show the newest and most fantastic product that they can announce to their fans that come to the festivity. Indeed, it is a long process for the pace car organizer. However, when it comes to the other end, you and many other people will be fascinated by the pretty cars introduced by Chevrolet.

The pace car announcement was six weeks ago. The company has prepared the vehicle for the 102nd Indy 500 big event. So, we will expect new things in the next announcements from the National Anthem singer, celebrities, and more importantly, the driver behind the pace car.

The fun fact about this car: even at 212 mph, Chevrolet ZR1 is around 14 mph off the pace of previous fastest lap. Pace car or formally called as safety car has been one of the top interesting topics to discuss. You know, it will be such an amazing event in the Indianapolis 500. Not to mention that it will be pretty awesome knowing the fact that the pace has more powerful cars than the race cars in the field.

And now, it is official. Chevrolet has announced that the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will be responsible to be the safety car and run the pace car duties at the Indy 500 2018. The date has been around the corner. This festivity will happen on May 27 this year. You know that it will be more spectacular than last year.

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The other fact that we should remember is that Corvette has joined with more than 10 percent of all Indy 500 pace cars. So, we can see such dedication here from the brand. At this point, we will witness the 15th Corvette. So, don’t miss it!

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