The Possibility of Formula 1 on Indianapolis

When we talk about Formula one, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been related to it recently. There have long been speculations about the US race expansion of this discipline but most of them were just rumors back then. But nowadays, we could see that it is highly possible that the rumors are leading to the truth.

The Possibility of Formula 1 on Indianapolis

Roger Penske stated that he had such great plans for the Racing Capital of the World as the relevance to his plans in purchasing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That means Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be upgraded in such a way to accommodate more dynamic events in the future.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali stated that the road course is within the consideration as one of the most potential expansion sites in the US territory. Of course without neglecting the popularity of the Indy 500, the main objective is to make the improvement to the most popular two American races.

If you have been following this issue for a while, you might wonder if Miami is still up for it. When asked by the interviewers, Domenicali couldn’t say that Vegas was the prime option or not. The organizer team has been conducting their home work for the assessment and so on. But one thing for sure, the Indy 500 Indianapolis is within the consideration.

IMS also stated their interest in making the short-list to get actualized. They also show their interest in the F1 race at the Indiana Motor Speedway. At the moment we write this article, the officials at IMS are open to serious dialogue about the future of F1 in the IMS.

IMS back then hosted the United States Grand Prix. However, the F1 could not meet the terms.

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According to the officials, the F1 could go to Speedway if it is technically and financially possible. Well, we can let the technicians think about the technical things since these matters can be resolved with good teamwork. Then the rest issue is the financial challenges. The organizers must be able to find the support from both government and private sectors to make the F1 events happen.

We can imagine what kind of interesting thing will happen at IMS when the organizers proceed with the plan. There could be a 24 hour race there, F1 race, and many other elements to be added besides the Indy 500 event. It is also a great potential for the melting points for all of different niche race fans to come to one venue.

While it is still premature to say anything so certainly, the Indy 500 experience won’t ever be the same again in 2021.

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