We will See Less Bob Jenkins in Indy 500 2021

Recently, our beloved announcer of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bob Jenkins has revealed that he is fighting for his brain cancer. As a result, he was planning to reduce his Indy 500 duties to focus on fighting for brain cancer.

Bob Jenkins

Jenkins is a renowned name in the Indy 500 niche. He joined the IMS Radio Network back in 1979, hosted the Indianapolis 500 as an announcer at ABC, then reached the IndyCar races announcer on NBC.

For all of the racing fans, we can see how strong the dedication that the respective announcer has been giving to the world. However, we should be prepared to see less appearances from this amazing guy because he must be battling brain cancer, the diseases that took his wife back then.

Who doesn’t know Jenkins? He attended the first Indy 500 back in 1960. Since then, he only missed the prestigious event twice.

Back in 1983, the doctor found two malignant tumors in his right temple. He had that brain cancer. But he has been struggling for decades.

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In such an emotional Statement, Jenkins said that he didn’t have a large family. He only had Doug, a niece and a nephew. Meanwhile, his big family is the race fans and people who have been involved with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He has considered the Indy 500 participants and fans as his big family.

And we think that most of these folks also think and feel the same way. That’s why with such a sudden announcement from Jenkins about his reduced duties in Indy 500, it could be a loss for the big fans.

For most sufferers, cancer is dreadful. But Jenkins stated that he would do everything he can. He would do the radiation and chemotherapy to get rid of cancer from his brain.

Then as we would have expected, there’s a big flow of supports and prayers to root for Jenkins. As a racing fan, we surely want the best thing to happen for our beloved announcer. There is nothing like Bob Jenkins’ presentation and the announcement that makes every race in the rodeo look so spectacular.

As mentioned in the official page of the Indy 500, Jenkins will significantly reduce the works and portions of duty since he is fighting against brain cancer. The legendary Bob Jenkins will be called the 500 on radio and TV. It would never be the same without Jenkins’ voice, but it is necessary to make him back again.

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